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It’s the Best of 2016! (yes there were some good things)

2016 will be remembered for a lot of things. We are going to focus on the best in entertainment. What movies, music, video games, TV shows and books (just kidding) made our lists? Hear insights, stories and topics with a … Continue reading

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Worst Christmas Songs

Just in time for the holidays! Drew & Dan pick their top 5 worst Christmas songs of all time. These Christmas song will make you wish this was your last Christmas time. Hear insights, stories and topics with a unique … Continue reading

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Elections go to the Movies

Tired of the election dominating everything? Let’s talk about fake elections! So when Hollywood decides to make movies about elections what happens? We are joined by Steve Spears (from the Stuck in the 80s podcast) to discuss some interesting election … Continue reading

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Stranger Things – The TV Show of the Summer – No Spoilers!

Are you watching this show? You should be. Did anyone see this coming? Stranger Things is the hit TV show of the summer. What is it about this show that makes it so special? If you haven’t seen the show, … Continue reading

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Pokemon GO – What the hell is it and who is going to cash in?

Out of nowhere Pokemon GO was everywhere. We take a look at what is behind this phenomenon, how it spread and who is making money off of it. And most importantly, how will Hollywood try to cash in? Hear insights, … Continue reading

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Summer Movie Trailers 2016

It’s Summer Movie season again. We take a close look at the trailers for the upcoming Summer movies and discuss what is working and what is not (from the creative side and the research side).  Why does Drew love Tarzan … Continue reading

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Coachella: Has It Jumped The Shark?

Let’s talk Coachella. How did it get here? What is it all about? Should you go? Fortunately Dan has been for the last 5 years (VIP, of course) so he can tell us everything we need to know. TIP: it’s … Continue reading

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Best Baseball Movies. Difficulty: No Kevin Costner

Talking Baseball Movies. But to challenge ourselves Kevin Costner movies cannot be included (so no For Love of the Game). We each pick our top five of all time. Added bonus: Drew shares stories from his years working for the … Continue reading

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If We Had Oscar Votes – 2016

It’s Oscar season. We take a look at the important categories and decide who we would vote for if we only had the chance. Is it finally Leo’s turn? What was really the best picture of the year? (Ever notice … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 50 Commercials

We take a quick look and the best, worst and strangest commercials from Super Bowl 50 with a mini-podcast. Hear insights, stories and topics with a unique and funny look from two people with nearly 32 years combined in the … Continue reading

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