Summer Movie Wrap Up ’14


A look back at the 2014 Summer Movie Season and how our predictions held up.

Who were the winners and losers of Summer 2014? What movies lived up to the hype? What movies disappointed? Did Drew top his worst prediction from last year? And how does Dan see so many movies?

Hear insights, stories and topics with a unique and funny look from two people with nearly 32 years combined in the entertainment industry!

Entertainment from 2 guys who should know better.

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  1. Hey guys —

    As always, I enjoyed listening to the podcast. You made several good points (that Godzilla and Guardians had the best trailers, that everyone should emulate Marvel) but there’s one point I wanted to clarify: the reason to see Sin City 2 is, simply, Eva Green. Was it a great movie? Eva Green. Was it hyper-violent and overwrought? Eva Green. To sum up: Eva Green.

    Thanks again for a fun listen — and here’s one other podcast suggestion. What Book Should Be Made Into A Movie (But Hasn’t)?

    — Steampunk Buzz

    P.S. I couldn’t help but notice that you invoked the Steampunk Buzz Lightyear Clause (“If a movie looks terrible, there’s no reason to waste time discussing its terrible-ness”) when discussing Sex Tape and Tammy. In the future, it may help your listeners to identify this as “the SBL Clause.”

    P.P.S. Crazy Joan sounds pretty obnoxious. Don’t you screen your letters to keep out the hate mail?

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