Fall/Winter Movie Preview Pt. 2


It’s the end-of-the-year Movie Season again, again.

We look at more trailers for the upcoming Fall/Winter movies and discuss what is working and what is not (from the creative side and the research side). We’ve got Hobbits, Kings, Olympians, Snipers, Musicals and more Geniuses. We cover it all and pull no punches and why do we disagree on everything?

Hear insights, stories and topics with a unique and funny look from two people with nearly 32 years combined in the entertainment industry!

Entertainment from 2 guys who should know better.

2D Entertainment

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  1. Steampunk Buzz Lightyear

    Sorry, guys, but there can only be ONE Steampunk Buzz Lightyear!

    Given all the upcoming movies/ trailers you were discussing… What are the projects in 2015 that have you most excited? (I’m expecting Avengers 2 will be up here, along with Star Wars!)

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