We Pick The Oscars 2015


It’s time for our picks for the Oscars!

Yes we actually watched the movies this year. What was the best picture? Best performance? Best directing? What was the most depressing movie of the year? We will cover it all, even though we may not agree.

Hear insights, stories and topics with a unique and funny look from two people with nearly 32 years combined in the entertainment industry!

Entertainment from 2 guys who should know better.

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  1. Steampunk Buzz Lightyear

    Hey guys —

    Sorry I dropped off the radar, but I have been listening.

    Well, sort of. I loved your Best Entertainment of 2014 podcast — I had no idea that Drew had such great taste in funky music, and Dan, you pegged some of the best shows on TV (Billy Bob Thornton is now one of my favorite TV villains.)

    But I confess that I didn’t listen to the entirety of your Oscar picks podcast. It had nothing to do with your picks, it’s just that this year I didn’t care about e Oscars. At all. I didn’t watch the telecast, and apparently that was a good choice — it sounds like one of the lamest telecasts in history.

    Not to mention that Birdman won Best Picture?!? Fifty Shades of Grey was better than that!

    Anyway, thanks as always for doing what you’re doing — I’m looking forward to your next one!

  2. Scott Casey

    Hey guys,
    I enjoyed the Oscar preview show. Having seen the vast majority of the nominees made a big improvement over last year’s show. The only thing that stayed the same is Drew is still a man of style and Dan is a man of substance.

    Scott in Claremont

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