Best Film Scores NOT by John Williams


It’s time to talk about the music of movies. But to make it challenging, John Williams’ scores are not allowed.

Dan and Drew bring their different perspectives to their top 5 lists. Will your favorites be among them?

Hear insights, stories and topics with a unique and funny look from two people with nearly 32 years combined in the entertainment industry!

Entertainment from 2 guys who should know better.

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  1. Scott Casey

    I really enjoyed the Best Film Score show. I’m not one that comes out of a theater humming; but I do appreciate what a good score brings to a movie. You both had some scores from less than stellar movies to show that a memorable score isn’t necessarily because it was from a great film. It’s interesting that this category is so male dominated, not unlike the time of Bach. Drew mentioned that there was something about John Williams that ticked him off; but I don’t believe he ever revealed it.

    Scott in Claremont

  2. Steampunk Buzz Lightyear

    Hey guys —

    Great topic for a podcast! I must remember to thank your manager for suggesting this one.

    This is a near-and-dear subject for me, and I’m glad you made it more difficult by eliminating John Williams. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite out of his, though one of my most-played pieces isn’t even available — it was a simple melody from the teaser trailer for A.I., and I was disappointed that it was never released on CD.

    You mentioned so many great pieces by different artists that I honestly can’t nitpick. Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, and Hans Zimmer are some of my favorite composers. Drew, I agree: it would give me anxiety to narrow them down. Therefore, I’ll just go with my iTunes most-played list:

    5. Battlestar Galactica, by Bear McCreary (an immensely talented guy who should be recognized more)
    4. The Lion King, by Hans Zimmer (almost anything he touches is gold)
    3. Shakespeare in Love, by Stephen Warbeck (no idea what his other works are)
    2. Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, from James Horner (sure, he’s plagiarized himself before, but this soundtrack is rousing and fun)
    1. Dragonheart (kudos to Dan for calling this one out — Mrs. Lightyear and I were married to “To the Stars”)

    My honorable mention would be, oh, anything from Michael Giacchino (he first hooked me with his soundtrack for a Jurassic Park video game.)

    Glad you had fun with this podcast — I had a blast listening!

    — Steampunk Buzz Lightyear

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