Stranger Things – The TV Show of the Summer – No Spoilers!


Are you watching this show? You should be.

Did anyone see this coming? Stranger Things is the hit TV show of the summer. What is it about this show that makes it so special? If you haven’t seen the show, you’ll want to after listening (there are no spoilers). If you have seen the show, enjoy it again from our perspective.

Hear insights, stories and topics with a unique and funny look from two people with nearly 32 years combined in the entertainment industry!

Entertainment from 2 guys who should know better.

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  1. Scott

    Hey guys,

    I watched the first episode of Stranger Things before your podcast. I was trying to get my son to begin watching before continuing. It wasn’t until listening to the podcast on a beach trip that I was able to convince him and his friends to watch the show. Of course, he binged 5 episodes and then had to wait for me to catch up. Great show.

    Scott in Claremont

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