About 2D Entertainment

Created in February 2013, 2D Entertainment is the brainchild of Drew Friedman and Dan Casey.

The idea was to create an entertainment podcast that will truly have a different approach, because theirs is from a marketing point of view. Dan has worked for 16 years in entertainment research testing creative, crunching  numbers, identifying trends and uncovering what drives the entertainment consumer. Drew has spent 16 years editing trailers and TV spots for films and video games. He tends to look for the emotional side of what makes people interested in entertainment.

It is from this unique perspective that 2D Entertainment in conjunction with Sled Dogs Productions bring their Podcast to you. They will cover all areas of entertainment including movies, TV shows, music and game. We hope that you like the stories, guests and fun they will bring to their podcast.

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  1. Scott Casey

    Hey guys,

    I really enjoyed the best of 2015 show. I know there is an abundance of good tv; but no Better Call Saul? And Dan, there is no excuse for leaving off First by Cold War Kids when you have a list of only 2. Look for them to shine at this year’s Coachella.


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