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And the Oscar Goes to – 2018

Drew and Dan watched all the important movies so you don’t have to. Who are they picking for best actor? Best actress? Best picture? Why does Dan pick a movie that wasn’t even nominated? What’s this Florida movie Drew is … Continue reading

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If We Had Oscar Votes – 2016

It’s Oscar season. We take a look at the important categories and decide who we would vote for if we only had the chance. Is it finally Leo’s turn? What was really the best picture of the year? (Ever notice … Continue reading

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Oscar Season Trailers 2015

It’s Oscar Movie Season again. We look at the trailers for the upcoming Oscar-bait movies and discuss what is working and what is not (from the creative side and the research side). We’ve got Keaton, Cranston, Blanchett, Hardy, Bale, Carrel, … Continue reading

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We Pick The Oscars 2015

It’s time for our picks for the Oscars! Yes we actually watched the movies this year. What was the best picture? Best performance? Best directing? What was the most depressing movie of the year? We will cover it all, even … Continue reading

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Our Picks for the Oscars

If we voted for the Oscars what would we pick? We discuss all the important awards – best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, etc., and discuss some people the Academy overlooked. Before you fill out your Oscar pool … Continue reading

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